We take great care to ensure that all aspects of making your jewellery take the environment and all those within it into careful consideration so that you can wear your MC Jewellery with pride and confidence knowing that we have taken care of all the details and every part of the process, from sourcing, manufacturing and even our packaging reflect our values - Honour and respect for all!


Sustainability is based on understanding the full process and ensuring that everything is being done above board.

To achieve this, we started with prioritising suppliers who are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. The RJC provides the most comprehensive international framework for compliance and focuses on best practices around health and safety, human rights, fair labour, governance, and environmental protection. While these guidelines are core to our brand, they cannot always affirm full traceability from mine to market, but we do our best. 


At MCJ, we use 100% Recycled Sterling Silver. But you needn't worry about this affecting the overall quality of the jewellery, as it has the exact same look and feel of virgin silver! 

What this means for the environment is that these recycled materials have much less of an impact, because they are not using any more resources to mine them and they are simply reusing what is already there. The metal is purified and then turned into little granules that will then get used for either casting or they are melted down and formed into either sheet or wire to create jewellery from.


Packaging & Fulfilment

Here at MCJ we only uses items which can be easily recycled or home composted. We work with European based suppliers to reduce shipping emissions and we aim to keep our wrapping to a minimum, providing luxury and care without producing too many throw away items.

All of our packaging is made from recycled materials that are FSC approved.

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council ® and is an international non-profit quality mark for wood and paper.

The FSC quality mark guarantees that the material used comes from FSC forestry, where no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce. This also means that the flora and fauna in these forests are protected, the loggers are specially trained for the work, have good safety equipment and receive a fair wage.


Jewellery Longevity

We are a slow fashion brand. Our jewellery in handmade and designed to last.

We provide green eco tips to encourage and educate you on how to keep your jewellery looking its best for years to come.


We are continually identifying new areas where we can be more sustainable and kinder to our planet. Here’s the goals we’re currently working towards:

Switching to a carbon neutral or greener shipping methods. We currently use Bpost which has some brilliant values but we want to go that one step further and reduce our emission even more.