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DESIGNED BY MEGAN COLLINS, the Limited Edition Equilibrium Collection that celebrates the art of balance in every aspect of life.


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Welcome to the 'EQUILIBRIUM COLLECTION,' where we celebrate the art of balance in every aspect of life.

This concept of balance is reflected throughout each design by the contrasting textures and smooth surfaces.

This is a LIMITED Collection, with only x10 Recycled Sterling Silver & x10 Gold Vermeil of each design ever being made!

Each piece has its own special meaning revolving around the delicate harmony between contrasting forces—masculine/feminine, intuition/logic, stability/change, community/individuality, work and play, which when embraced, all lead us to a state of living in flow.

Made by hand with love, the Equilibrium Collection serves as a daily reminder of the strength that we embody when we embrace both sides of every duality, creating a perfect equilibrium within ourselves.

 MCJ - Designed to empower and inspire. x


Designed by Megan Collins, the "Equilibrium Spinner" represents the power of embracing both the masculine and feminine energies within us all.

Sage Pendant

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Designed by Megan Collins, the Unity Signet ring is a reminder to create balance between your role within your community and your own flavour of individuality.
Designed by Megan Collins, the "Flow Necklace" is a classic must-have in every minimalists’ wardrobe. Created to represent the perfect equilibrium between stability and change.
Designed by Megan Collins, a Classic minimalist piece, the "Flow Anklet," represents the dance between both stability and change.
Designed by Megan Collins, the "Balance Hoops" are made to be worn as a reminder that life's beauty lies in the balance between hard work and play.