At the core of my brand is Respect and Kindness.

Respect from me to you, from you to yourself, from yourself to your community, from your community to the environment around you. 

But it all starts with taking care of yourself first. 

With my jewellery, I want to help you show up as the best version of yourself, in every situation - As the confident, beautiful, Goddess of a woman that you are!

I want to build up your confidence and self-worth, so that your cup overflows. 

I strongly believe that if we take good care of ourselves first, by honouring ourselves and acknowledging our self-worth through acts of kindness, we set ourselves up to support our community with so much more love, patience, and empathy - the keys to working together to create an energised community, ready to take care of the world around us and everyone in it.


I strongly believe in creating a brand with ethical roots.

My mission is to offer people an alternative to the fast fashion industry with my range of ethical jewellery. I aim to nurture a sense of care and compassion towards each other, the environment and yourself through what I do.

All my pieces are made with love, care and attention to detail from 100% recycled materials and all packaging is plastic free to reduce the damage to the environment. A treat for you that also shows respect for the beautiful planet we are privileged to call home.



My name is Megan and I am the owner of MCJ, (Megan Collins Jewellery).

I grew up in the mountains in South Africa, in a small village called Hogsback. 

There I could always be found either making some kind of arts or crafts or selling my creations at the local market. Living in such a rural setting meant I developed a strong connection with nature, and my sense of responsibility towards protecting our environment has always been a strong motivating factor. 

My jewellery career began in London, where I studied jewellery design and manufacturing in 2014, and the following year I started my jewellery business and now it sells worldwide.


My Design aesthetic is Scandinavian minimalism.  

With my designs being inspired by the combination of natural and architectural forms that reflect the undeniable connection between the two. Key features found throughout my collections are symmetry, balance, simplicity, and smooth curves, reflecting a modern affiliation towards effortless beauty.