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I have my silver Ora ring on me ALL the time! Very special. I love the simplicity and pure beauty of all your designs!

Sjaan van den Langenberge @sjaan_yoga

I love my wedding ring! The beaten gold surface always makes me feel that I'm somehow connected to a bygone era when rings were full of magic and adventure. (Perhaps they still are!)

Eliot Short @Eliotloydshort

I had a ball with one of my various but carefully selected jewellery mentors today. I love to learn from the best, because they know nothing good comes easy. Thank you Megan!

Francesca Mulaisho @jewellery_gem_zambia

I LOVE my Drop ring!! It's so beautiful! I am definitely going to order another soon!

Melisa Dora @melisadoraceramics

Thank you so much for this beauty of a ring, I love it so much! Always wanted to buy a Drop Ring and now was finally the time and it makes me so happy! And it fits so well, perfect.