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ELOISE | MeganCollinsJewellery


The ELOISE Collection is inspired by classic effortless French style. The ethos of French fashion is to maintain a minimal wardrobe of only high-quality items that truly represent your own personal style. These items are meant to be kept for many many years and truly enjoyed. A French woman will find out what suits her best and then build a wardrobe around this with versatile classic items. Basically, at its heart, French fashion counteracts fast fashion trends. The ELOISE Collection is made using only 100% recycled materials so your conscience can be at rest while you invest in yourself and the planet at the same time.


Camille Recycled Sterling Silver Wide hoop earrings MeganCollinsJewellery
Introducing you to the bestseller, the Eloise necklace designed and created by MeganCollinsJewellery. Subtly combing Scandinavian geometric minimalism with a hint of the organic.
Mae ring by MeganCollinsJewellery inspired by classic French style.
The Sara hoops by MeganCollinsJewellery, inspired by the symbolism of the circle which has represented eternity since ancient times.
The petite Lea ring designed by MeganCollinsJewellery is an understated ring that embodies the power in every woman's spirit.