The ELOISE Collection is inspired by classic effortless French style. The ethos of French fashion is to maintain a minimal wardrobe of only high-quality items that truly represent your own personal style. These items are meant to be kept for many many years and truly enjoyed. A French woman will find out what suits her best and then build a wardrobe around this with versatile classic items. Basically, at its heart, French fashion counteracts fast fashion trends. The ELOISE Collection is made using only 100% recycled materials so your conscience can be at rest while you invest in yourself and the planet at the same time.

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Designed for Everyday

True to all my Collections, the Classics Collection is inspired by minimal geometric design with a nod towards a timeless aesthetic. Created to be worn everyday, these items can be dressed up or down with easy to fit in around you.

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Inspired by Tribal Jewellery

The EVE Collection is a synthesis of bold classic geometric shapes inspired by a fusion of tribal jewellery and minimalist Nordic design.

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Inspired by Danish Design

The COPENHAGEN Collection takes inspiration from the pure and clean lines of Danish design. Each piece evolves out of simplifying shapes to their essential components. All the pieces in the COPENHAGEN collection reflect the feeling of the city itself – clean, elegant and with the purity of considered design at heart.

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